Breeding rams for maximum prime lamb return

2019 Annual
Ram Sale
Thursday 12th Sept, 2019

10 Stud Rams
​150 Flock Rams

contact us
catalogue available mid August
Rams will be penned for inspection by 10am
BBQ lunch from 12noon
Auction starts 1pm
Ridgehaven 180080 - a well balanced ram, structurally sound with carcase shape and bone to match.
ASBV's - 9.2 WWT, 14.2 PWWT Sire: Faraday Park 140049 "CHIPPY"

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Poll Dorsets
Ridgehaven Poll Dorsets is a family owned business based in the central west of NSW. We run 1000 breeding ewes and sell stud and flock rams across the eastern states of Australia.

As a result of a balanced approach to selection and performance evaluation, our sheep achieve commerically important benchmarks such as early growth, shapely muscle patterns and high carcase yields.

We measure our success by the results seen by our clients in the saleyards and abattoirs. Top prices, high carcase yields and the first of the new season lambs reflect the commercial attributes we strive to attain.

Founded in 1965 by Ron and Jessie Legge, Ridgehaven is a second generation stud run by daughters Ruth and Isabele, and son Floyd.

Ridgehaven Poll Dorsets started breeding rams with the aim to improve prime lamb quality. This still remains our focus - that is, to breed rams for maximum prime lamb return.
A family business, focused on improving the lamb industry.
  1. Proven Results
    How do we know our genetics do the job? Carcase analysis by recognised meat assessors at local abattoirs. Feedback from our ram buyers and stock agents. Backing up our statements by using our rams in our own commercial prime lamb enterprise, and achieving great results in the sale yards year in, year out.
  2. Breeding Principles
    We believe that breeding quality stock takes time and skill. Knowing the pedigree and what came before, allows you to predict what will come in the future. We apply strict visual assessments to maintain phenotype. Focusing on structural soundness, carcase shape, and faces free from wool. Objective measurements provide information on growth, muscle and fat coverage. These allow us to know what we can't see.